Best Strategy Games for your Kids

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Best Strategy Games for your Kids

Gone are the days where kids spend most of their time playing outside. It may sound depressing, but lots of kids would rather stay indoors and play video games for hours. A lot of them may have not even heard traditional games such as cat’s cradle, marble and skipping rope.

Shall we blame technology for this?

I highly doubt it. Technology has paved ways to a better and more convenient life. Whilst our society is evolving along with the progress of technology, it’s also important that our parenting techniques should also be in line with these changes. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t force your kids to play physical game outside.

Instead of being angry at technology, you can use it to your advantage. Your kids can develop their problem-solving and strategic skills by playing video games. Strategic video games, particularly, can be your aid in harnessing your kid’s mental prowess.

Below are the best strategy video games for kids.

  1. Endless Legend: Shadows

Age: 10+

This 4X turn-based strategy game was developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in September 2014.

In this game which is set in the land of Auriga, players take control of a fantasy faction to establish an empire through conquest, exploration, research and diplomacy. This game allows you to level up your hero. It also presents vast options of customizing your empire and hundreds of research opportunities. Plus, you will have a very challenging AI which adds another level of element to the game. Not to mention the gloriously rendered combat that is as entertaining to watch as it is to actually participate in.

This game can be played online and offline. It has great customization features and your kid’s strategy planning skill will be tested as they would need to create an effective plan in expanding their civilization. They would need to gauge if a certain situation calls for battle or diplomacy. As a parent, you must ensure that your kid’s playtime is regulated. They could be potentially exposed to inappropriate content since players can text-chat with one another in this online game.

  1. Legends of Eisenwald

Age: 12+

Published by Aterdux Entertainment, Legends of Eisenwald will take you to the fictitious duchy of Eisenwald in medieval Germany in times of Holy Roman Empire. The main focus of the gameplay centers on the life of the youngest child of Baron Lahnstein who on return to his lands finds that the family castle is impossible to enter. Two separate single scenarios – Cursed Castle and The Masquerade – are separate stories happening in other locations of Eisenwald.

There are two main parts in the game. The first one is the global map interactions which includes completing quests, buying and selling weapons, potions, armor and other equipment and items which includes managing castles and other possessions, and equipping the army. The second part is the battles themselves.

Player chooses a hero then builds his army around that character. He can also take on corrupt land barons, brigands, pirates and outlaws while he’s expanding his own army. The game allows players to either manually play out the combat or let the computer determine the outcome quickly. As you level up your armies, you can have key members specialize in different battle skills.

The graphics, as well as the background music, of this game are done skillfully. Becoming invested in the characters and the world is relatively easy. You can put some investment in your characters, training and equipping them for specific purposes.

You can use this game as a bonding and educational opportunity for your family to talk about medieval times. You can also discuss how important tactical combat is.

  1. Offworld Trading Company

Age: 12+

This game is set in a futuristic era where Earth is dying. Our planet is running out of resources to sustain our way of life. To resolve this problem, humanity must make their way beyond our home planet and start a new life elsewhere. Mars seems to be the perfect place to create a new civilization, with its vast supply of untapped resources.

Your role will be Mars’ latest entrepreneur. You would have to supervise the mining and manufacturing of goods and services for the colonists who want to build a new home. Since everyone is on the lookout to make a profit, you would have to constantly develop the Martian marketplace. Creating deals to increase your money and put out competition are important to move forward in this game.

If you’re thinking that a game without having to fire a shot or raise an army is boring, think again. This game offers fast, frantic-paced experiences where making a right business deal can more damage to your enemies than a battalion of tanks.

Just like with the most RTS games, you build your main base and harvest nearby resources. What sets Offworld Trading Company apart is that you start trading off with nearby colonist communities instead of using your hard-earned goods to build up a military force. You are affecting the marketplace on a global scale by buying, selling and trading with these communities.

  1. StarCraft

Age: 13+

In this RTS game that was released in 1998, players get to choose amongst these three species to command – the Terrans (humans), Protoss, and the insect-like Zerg. Each of these species carries their own unique tactics, weapons, units, technology and their own perspective of the overall story. Employing different strategies for each species based on these variables is absolutely essential.

StarCraft has gained a reputation as one of the most honored and coveted RTS games ever created. Despite being released 20 years ago, this game has remained popular up to this day and has never lost its appeal. Blizzard Entertainment created very accessible and compelling gameplay mechanics and produced exceptional pacing partnered with increasingly challenging yet achievable missions.

If your kids are crazy over video games, then it’s best if you introduce them to strategy games. Click here to find other tips and information about this game genre.

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