Tips on How to Rule Clash of Clans

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Tips on How to Rule Clash of Clans

If you don’t know Clash of Clans, then you might be from Mars. Since it was released last 2012, it dominated the world of avid gamers. And why not? This popular “freemium” strategy game is indeed addicting.

You find yourself spending more and more time building your townhall, upgrading your armies and looting resources from other base.  Nothing beats the satisfaction when you hear gold and resources looted by your goblins and armies. You’d say that you will only spend an hour playing Clash of Clans but before you notice, it’s already dawn and you have lost lots amount of sleep because of the game.

The reward of seeing your town expand and your troops stronger is definitely worth all the lost sleep and time that you spend on your phone playing this game. If you’ve decided to join the bandwagon and try your hands on this addicting game, below are some tips that you should learn by heart.

  1. Understand the Mechanics of the Game

The gameplay itself is pretty simple. First thing that you need to do is to create your base. Then you add things to your base such as army camps, barracks, walls, gold mines, cannons, mortars and other various buildings. You need workers to build these buildings.

Build strong defenses by upgrading your buildings and your armies. Having stronger troops will make looting so much easier. Other players will be having a hard time attacking your base if you have stronger walls and higher level of defenses. How do you make your base and army stronger? Loot, loot and loot some more.

  1. Take Advantage of the War

Defeat other players so that you can gain resources that you can use in upgrades. You need these resources if you want to upgrade your townhall, troops, walls, etc. Aside from gaining resources, you will also gain trophies and experiences. This will determine which league you will be in.

One of the best features of this game is Clan War. You join a clan, either made up of friends or co-workers or of total strangers sharing the same passion. Clan mates can donate troops and other resources. If you need more archers to attack, just simply ask and your clan mates will gladly extend a hand.

You can also rage war against other clans. Whoever wins the war will get the resources. Learn some strategies that you can use in clan wars here.

  1. Know Your Resource

These are the resources that you need to upgrade and progress in the game:

  • Gold: Used primarily for upgrading your important buildings such as you town hall. It also costs you gold when searching for other players to raid for resources.
  • Gems: Highly valuable (costs real money to buy) and can be used to speed up waiting times on buildings and units, buy you more builders, and boost resources.
  • Elixir: Main resource for training and upgrading your troops spells.
  • Dark Elixir: Used to train and upgrade DE troops that are unlocked later in the game.

Use these resources to build a stronger base and troops. Be warned that upgrading takes time so make sure that you strategize carefully. You don’t want to go to war without a king or queen just because you’re still on the process of upgrading them.

  1. Save Up Your Gems

Newbies, listen up! Never ever waste up your gems. Not only they are expensive to buy but they are also hard to accumulate. You can find these gems when you’re cleaning off terrains. Save them up as they accumulate.

It’s easy to spend them in expediting your upgrade or boost your production, but don’t get tempted. If you really want to play this game without spending a dollar, use your gems wisely.

  1. You Need to Pack Tons of Patience

In Clash of Clans, patience is definitely a virtue.

Why is that so? It takes lots of patience to look for other bases that you can raid.  Upgrading can also take several days, especially if it’s the town hall that you’re upgrading. Not having patience can get you crazy waiting for 10 days while you’re upgrading. You won’t be able to use a troop that is being upgraded so it’s best if you strategize which other troop can you use as a replacement.

First thing that you need to achieve is getting more builders. Aim in getting all 5.This way, building and upgrading will not take that much time.

  1. Set Up a Solid Base

There are many ways that you can set up your own base. If you want a stronger base though, you can check out some of the strongest base in YouTube. This will somehow give you an idea on how to set up your base that enemies will find hard to attack.

Upgrade your town hall so that other resources and upgrades will be unlocked. Higher level of troops and amenities are only available on specific town hall level. Make sure that you make upgrading your town hall level a priority.

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Raiding

Raiding other bases is important to advance in this game. It is through raiding that you will find the resources that you can spend on upgrading your troops and amenities.

Finding a good base to raid may sometimes take time. Either the resources available to loot are too low or the bases to attack are too strong.

If you feel that you’ve already spend 30 minutes looking for a base to raid and still can’t find a good one, try lowering your trophies and league.

Joining an active clan war is also another way of earning resources. Here, effective war strategy is needed. You would need to plan which account will attack the opponent account. You can’t just someone from your clan that has a town hall level 4 to attack an opponent with a town hall 10.If you want to win the war, you must think of better war strategy.

Reinforcing each clan member with stronger troops before the start of the war is also very important. Though winning or losing the war will get you a war bonus, you should always aim to win. Why settle for smaller war bonus when you can get more?

Are you fond of playing strategy games on your computer? Click here to know more tips on how to ace this addicting yet challenging game.

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