Step-by-Step Guides on How to Play Burger Tycoon

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Step-by-Step Guides on How to Play Burger Tycoon

Do you want to experience being a business tycoon?

While you may find it quite challenging to rule the business world, it’s not as hard as it is in the virtual world. If you want to have a feel on how to manage a burger establishment and make it even more successful, why not try playing Burger Tycoon.

This single-player online video game will not only fulfill your dream of being a successful businessman, it will also challenge your strategic and business skills. This game is not as easy as it sounds. It requires careful strategic planning as not being able to do so will have many pitfalls waiting. For instance, your cows will face their demise if you run out of soy. Using illegal substances to make your soy grow faster will result to being sued. Every single decision you made should be carefully thought of if you don’t want to face numerous contingencies.

How can you get far in Burger Tycoon? Below is your step-by-step guide on how to play and rule this game.

  1. Setting Up Your Farms and Restaurant

Starting this game in a correct pathway is very important. If you already have a game started and has not played it for long, it may be too late to save it and become profitable. Start with a clean plate instead and start a new game.

As soon as your game starts, pause it. Failing to do so will cause you to go bankrupt. Then build three soy fields on empty pastures. Select “soy” from the agriculture window and click on the empty pastures three times. Click another empty space and select the “Cow” option. Repeat until you have four. Click the Feedlot button found in the lower-left corner and click the scientific machine along the back wall and select the eyedropper option to enable hormones for the food.

Click the icon burger found in the lower-left corner to switch to the restaurant screen. Hire a single cashier and line worker. Once you have your cashier and line worker, switch to the corporate screen by clicking the McDonald’s logo. Corrupt a health officer so that you don’t get penalized for your poor meat quality. This option should remain enabled for the rest of your game.

Burger Tycoon is a free online game. You can click here to start your own game.

  1. Making Money

Now that you have finished setting up everything, it’s time to start making money. Switch to the pasture view and unpause the game. Wait for two complete soy harvests and click the DNA button on the soy fields to remove the genetic modification from the field. Sell your soy to earn your money back.

Wait until your second cow harvest. After your second cow harvest, you are now ready to have your restaurant full staffed. Add two more assembly workers and two more cashiers. Activate the food pyramid and the third-world marketing options by clicking the marketing department in the corporate screen.

Your restaurant and your farm are now on its full production mode.

  1. Maintaining Your Business

Make sure that you regularly check your cow pasture fertility. Your beef production on that square will stop if the pasture fertility degrades. How would you know when the fertility has degraded? The large blanks spots on the ground will be the indication. Sell off a cow pasture that is no longer fertile. Doing so will make the pasture blank and you can buy a new one again.

You would need to destroy the rainforest squares so that you will have more space on your farmland. Before doing so, make sure that you corrupt a climatologist from the corporate screen. Destroy two rainforest squares and allocate this space for your new cow pastures. With the two new squares and the two original squares that weren’t being used, build your cow pastures again.  Switch back and forth between the two sets of four open squares to build your pastures on and swap these pastures when they degrade.

An unhappy worker can greatly affect the productivity of your restaurant. As soon as you see that they become unhappy, give them rewards immediately. Giving them badges usually do the trick however it only works for a little while. Remember that discipline rarely works, so avoid giving unnecessary punishments to your workers.

You should know when to cut your losses though. If rewards can’t seem to put them in a good mood, just fire that crew member and hire a new one. Before doing so, make sure that you corrupt a politician first from the front desk of the corporate screen. This will prevent backlash from angry employees.

Additional Tips

  • Once you have at least $50,000, you can bribe the mayor so that he will give you access to four additional land spaces that you can use in adding more soy fields and pasture. Just remember that you don’t have to build all of them at once.
  • Never sell back a piece of land that you have outfitted. Doing so would only give you 50% of the money that you spent in acquiring it. Plus, you would need to pay the full price should you want to have the land back.
  • If you want to draw customers back, set up advertisements. As soon as you have accumulated $75,000, you can already set up an advertisement. Remember that you can only have one advertisement at a time because multiple ads can drain all of your resources quickly.
  • Always keep an eye on your profits. If you have noticed that they are starting to drop, evaluate what you may be doing wrong. Analyze every aspect of your business to point out where the problem is. There could be several factors that contribute to the decline of your profit – you could be using too many illegal substances in your soy, your employees could be misbehaving, or you may need to invest more in soy fields and cows. Remember that there may be times that you need to corrupt all four officials – climatologist, politician, health office and nutritionist.

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