Plague Inc: Tips on How to Become a Better Player

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Plague Inc: Tips on How to Become a Better Player

Can a deadly plague really wipe the Earth?

While this has not happened in real life, Plague Inc. gives you an opportunity in creating and evolving pathogens to annihilate the world. This real-time strategy simulation game developed by Ndemic Creations will certainly get you hooked with its complex yet fun gameplay.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it lets you indirectly control a plague that has infected patient zer. There are different pathogens and various game modes that you can choose from. The objectives of this game include, but are not limited to: using a pathogen to infect and wipe off the Earth’s population, use the “Necroa Virus” to convert the entire world into zombies or enslave the entire population with the “Neurax Worm”.

Plague Inc is not an easy game. Aside from its complex gameplay, the factor of time pressure to complete the game will certainly put you on the edge of your seat while playing this game. Below are some tips on how to become a better Plague player.

  1. Spread the Pathogens to Everyone Quickly

There are three ways for you to lose at this game. First, if your plague is cured by the world’s renowned scientists before it managed to kill everyone. Second, your plague gets killed and burned itself out quickly in countries it infected. And lastly, your plague failed to spread on other countries resulting in condition one or two.

How do you avoid these three pitfalls?

Prioritize your transmission upgrades in the early game. If you want to increase the infectiousness of your plague, you would really need to spend all your early DNA points. After all, the component of this game is quiet simple – you need to infect everyone if you’re going to kill everyone. Think of a strategy where you can infect the majority of people and nations before any serious effort starts to cure your plague.

  1. Hold Out for the Holdouts

Limited accessibility and specific climates are some factors that make a nation hard to infect. Greenland and Madagascar, for example, are the worst offenders because of their very cold and very hot climates respectively. You will be having a hard time infecting Morocco too since it has road access only.  If your plague gets too scary too fast, the Moroccans will just close their borders, kill all of their pigeons and livestock and wait out for the disease to subside. Try to infect these holdout countries before you can start the real annihilation.

Since most islands have contact with other countries through boat only, it’s important that you should get at least level one of the water transmission upgrade early on in every game.

  1. Keep an Eye on New Releases

One of the most recurring events in this game is the London Olympics. As long as your disease has at least level one drug resistance, has not manifested as too severe and has spread to at least two countries, you can use the Olympics to infect your plague all over England.

If you want to get ahead of this game, it’s critical that you plan your disease upgrades accordingly. Are there more rain lately caused by global weather patterns? Is there a major bird migration coming up? Have doctors made a new progression in the cure, making your plague less effective? You should always take these factors into account when planning your strategy.

Pay attention to new releases. Are there any symptoms that doctors have acquired a new understanding of? The global cure gains a few percentage points automatically if you use DNA to grab that symptom. Keep your eyes open on these new updates if you are in a close race to beat the global cure effort.

  1. Virus and Bio-Weapon Tips

Your disease has a mind of its own; it mutates the symptoms well before you’d like them to appear. Plague has a way of gaining its deadliness steadily even without symptoms in Bio-Weapon. With this being said, you find yourself always racing the clock when playing as a virus or Bio-Weapon.

Control the over eagerness of your microbes by using the special upgrades in the Ability section. You can use try to use their natural tendency to mutate deadly symptoms to your benefit. Let the plague mutations do some of the killing for you. Then, use your later DNA toward infecting those last holdout countries.

  1. Parasite and Prion tips

Parasites and prion progress well under the radar. Parasites, more specifically, can silently infect the whole world before the effort of finding a cure begins. Both can give you serious challenges especially in the late-game though.

Compared to other plagues, parasites gain very little DNA in the later portions of the game. It can put you on a critical situation, especially if you don’t have any DNA left. To avoid this from happening, don’t spend too much of your early DNA on upper level Transmission upgrades. Let the infection spread at a slower rate. You can spread more havoc with your stockpiled DNA.

If there’s a disease that is so subtle, it would be prions. Your plague can develop without being detected. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to develop. Use techniques to stall as much as you can. Use the Prion’s special ability, as well as The Walking Dead symptom combo, to confuse the brains of all those scientists you infected months before they can figure out what’s going on.

  1. Be Creative with the Disease Name

You can be as creative and spontaneous as you can be when creating the name for your disease. You may get it on top of your entire friend’s leaderboards so your disease name should stand out. Obamacare, Beiberfever, Laughing Herpes, Duck Mouth and Dream Ears are just a few examples of disease names that don’t just stand out but will tickle your sense of humor.

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