Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Endless Legend

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Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a promising game for those that are fans of strategy games. It has a healthy amount of complex mechanics which will require you to level up your strategy skills if you want to get ahead in the game. Playing this game can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner.

Today must be your lucky day! We have compiled a list of guides for you to make your first game not just quite bearable but also fun.

Setting Up Your First Game


There are 11 available factions that you can choose from, each with their own unique characteristics including appearance, abilities, units and play-styles. It’s best to choose the default “Wild Walkers” on your first game. These former forest dwellers are the most traditional faction. Ardent Mages or the Vaulters are also newbie friendly.

Difficulty Level

You can either play using the easy or newbie settings. The intelligence level of AI gets lower if you select a difficulty that is below normal. Choosing a newbie difficulty means that AI will more likely not declare war on you. This will allow you to explore the game at your own pace. On easy mode, war will be declared however the attacks will be weak.

World Settings

A normal world size with shape Pangea is highly recommended for newcomers. You should also set your world difficulty to easy so that you won’t be clashing into your neighbors.

Core Concepts of the Game

Now that you have started your journey in this game, understanding the important game mechanics is critical.


Faction controlled cities are used to generate resources, recruit armies and construct buildings. These five different key resources are important in order for your faction to acquire stability and growth.

  • Food – used to increase and sustain the population. More food is required for larger cities.
  • Industry – used to produce buildings and units. If a building construction cost 200 and you’re earning 20 industries per turn, it will take 10 turns to complete the construction.
  • Dust – standard currency in Auriga. You use it to purchase heroes, strategic resource or pay maintenance cost on your armies and cities.
  • Science – used for research. This resource is important in quickly unlocking new weapons, building and advancement to new tiers of technology.
  • Influence – used for empire level actions, where you get additional resource gain or boosted attack on units. It is also used for diplomatic proposals with other factions.

Cities and Workers

Cities are units where you raise your armies. Armies are composed of individual units spawned by the player, each of these unit types have their own uses in combat and abilities. An action points system is used in moving armies. Each of these interactions and movements subtracts one action point until the counter hits zero. Once you’ve reached this point, you can no longer take any further action. Units are used for combat, exploration, questing and diplomacy.

Cities will automatically harvest any tiles in their range. This means that the city gains the income associated with those tiles. Every inhabitant in your city can be assigned as a worker and you can use these workers to boost any of your 5 resources.

Strategic Resources

Strategic resources are used to construct powerful armory and weaponry for your armies. For you to obtain these resources, you have to create a so called “extractors” on resource nodes. You can also build a city on top of your resource nodes which will act as extractor.

There are six types of strategic resources which are divided in three distinct tiers:

  • Tier 1: Glasssteel (yellow) and Titanium (blue)
  • Tier 2: Adamantian (orange) and Palladian (red)
  • Tier 3: Hyperium (purple) and Mithrite (green)

If you want to construct gears of superior quality, you must aim for higher tier resources.

Luxury Resources and Boosters

You should never miss out on the opportunity of acquiring luxury resources as they can provide exponential benefits to your empire.

Just like with strategic resources, luxury resources can also be harvested by city districts and extractors. Gathering enough luxury resources of the same type means that you can use it to spend on booster. Simply click on a luxury resource with a yellow square around it if you want to activate a booster. Boosters will be active for 10 turns.

Win Conditions

There are eight win conditions in the game:

  • Elimination Victory – you should annihilate all factions. Nothing should be left alive.
  • Score victory – you achieve this victory by having the highest number of overall points at the end of the 300th turn in a normal game
  • Expansion Victory – you should claim 80% of the map
  • Economic Victory – you should collect 555,500 Dust in a normal game
  • Diplomatic Victory – you should collect 3000 Diplomatic Points
  • Wonder Victory – be the first player to complete all of the quests and build the associated Wonder
  • Scientific Victory – you must discover five of six technologies in the 6th era
  • Supremacy Victory – conquer all capitals on the map

Additional Tips to Remember

  1. Explore the vicinities with a hero – Take time to search for villages of minor factions and explore ruins. Explore your own area first, and then expand to the neighboring ones. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you don’t have settlers.
  2. Create units only when necessary – Avoid manufacturing units. Your initial set of army is capable enough of handling nearby villages. Manufacturing new set of soldiers will just hold back your production queue.
  3. Up until turn 20, obtain at least 60 Influence Points – Obtaining at least 60 influence points will enable you to pick not just one but two options of empire development. This will certainly put you on the edge of the game.
  4. Don’t focus on villages of minor factions – Their units do not attack mines and your initial army is strong enough to deal with them. Put off pacifying them, especially if they don’t offer any interesting bonuses.

Having an acquired knowledge of the components of this game will certainly prepare you for the long and challenging battle ahead. If you love strategy games like Endless Legend, click here to find out more interesting tips about games of the same genre.

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