6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

Strategy games are unarguably one of the most difficult games. Puzzle games can make you think but nothing can use up all of your brain cells than the strategy games, especially those that are of difficult levels. Strategy games are not created equal. There are some that would really make you think twice while there are a few that can drain not just your mental capacity but emotional and physical aspect as well .Completing these difficult level would make you wonder if the developers created these just to make your life miserable.

This type of game genre is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can’t play these types of games if you don’t have wit and higher strategy skills. If you think this game genre is hard enough, wait until you play some of the most difficult strategy games on the list below.

  1. Frozen Synapse


Available for: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Frozen Synapse shows that indie strategy games are beyond generic and simple. This is a perfect example of a gameplay that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Regardless if you are skilled or unskilled though, you will certainly find this game quite enjoyable and exciting.

How do you play this turn-based strategy game?

You control a unit of combatants and your goal is to eliminate all of your enemy units. If you think it sounds simple enough, sorry to say but you are mistaken. What’s good about this game is that you have the ability to simulate the actions of your current turn, which allows you to see how it might play out. When you’re satisfied, all turns are simultaneously resolved.

Your enemies have smart AI, making them a difficult opponent. If you’re not challenged enough though, you can also play Frozen Synapse online against other high-skilled players. Frozen Synapse is a title that you should not miss out if you’re a fan of strategy games. It’s a game that will constantly put you on your feet.

  1. Commandos 2


Available in: Mac, Windows, Xbox and PS2

Commandos 2 may be in the market for quite a long time, as it was released way back 2001, however it’s still considered as one of the most difficult strategy games of all time. It is known for having the steepest learning curves of any games of its kind.

In this game, you get to control a squad of commandos. If you want to accomplish a number of objectives, you must rely on tactical positioning and advancement. Many people confuse this game with turn-based game or real-time strategy game. It actually falls under the category of “real-time tactics” game, which is something of a hybrid genre.

It’s recommended that you play the PC version if you want to have the best experience on this game. The gameplay controls of this game are not really very intuitive in the console alternatives.

  1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Available for: Mac, Windows, PS3, Linux, iOS, Android, X360

This first installment in the gigantic series titled UFO: Enemy Unknown debuted way back in 1994.It was a commercial success which led to a number of games have been released under the X-COM franchise up until around 2001. After several years, XCOM: Enemy Unknown revived the XCOM franchise. Fans did not mind the long wait as it was certainly worth it.

In this turn-based tactical game, you have to control a squad of alien-fighting soldiers. Your goal is to defend the Earth from an imminent invasion. You will undergo a series of missions which are interspersed with phases of development, research and expansion.

Critics consider this game as one of the most challenging tactical strategy games of this generation. Click here to check out other video games in the XCOM franchise.

  1. Xenonauts


Available for: Windows

Xenonauts and the aforementioned XCOM series have a bunch of things in common. If you’re wondering why that is so, it’s because Xenonauts got its inspiration from XCOM series, though that doesn’t mean that Xenonauts is a sequel. Despite the similarity of the gameplay and theme, it’s not a remake or a clone.

The game is divided into two distinct components: a tactical element that involves turn-based ground combat and a strategic element that involves real-time air combat. There are playability improvements created, which includes a cover system in combat, starting combat formations, and alternative victory conditions.

Xenonauts received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It has a score of 85% from PC Gamer and a 77% on Metacritic, based on 21 reviews.

  1. Europa Universalis IV

Available for: Mac, Windows, and Linux

The Europa Universalis IV is the most advanced franchise in the Europa Universalis series of strategy games.

You will find a surprising amount of depth in this game, particularly when it comes to the variation of options and actions available during gameplay. It covers a wide time period ranging from the 1400s to the 1800s.

At the start of the game, you would have to explore and scope out the unknown world. You will then move to expand your territory, exploit resources from other worlds and finally exterminate your opponents. Europa Universalis IV is perfect example of a 4X strategy game. Compared to other 4x offerings though, this game has greater lean towards diplomacy and has lesser focus on direct combat.

  1. Sins of a Solar Empire

Available for: windows

This real-time 4X strategy game takes place in the future when civilization lives among the stars. You can advance your own empire by conquering various star systems though diplomacy and military.

What sets Sins of a Solar Empire apart from other games is its massive scope.  The 3D environment, just like true space, is an entire ocean full of celestial bodies with which you can interact. What makes this game extremely difficult is the depth is all of its game systems and technology trees. There are plenty of things that you must do that it will take you more than hours to finish a single game.

Strategy games are not only a fun way to kill time but they are also an effective brain exercise. Click here for tips and information about other strategy games.

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