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Best Strategy Games for your Kids

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Best Strategy Games for your Kids

Gone are the days where kids spend most of their time playing outside. It may sound depressing, but lots of kids would rather stay indoors and play video games for hours. A lot of them may have not even heard traditional games such as cat’s cradle, marble and skipping rope.

Shall we blame technology for this?

I highly doubt it. Technology has paved ways to a better and more convenient life. Whilst our society is evolving along with the progress of technology, it’s also important that our parenting techniques should also be in line with these changes. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t force your kids to play physical game outside.

Instead of being angry at technology, you can use it to your advantage. Your kids can develop their problem-solving and strategic skills by playing video games. Strategic video games, particularly, can be your aid in harnessing your kid’s mental prowess.

Below are the best strategy video games for kids.

  1. Endless Legend: Shadows

Age: 10+

This 4X turn-based strategy game was developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in September 2014.

In this game which is set in the land of Auriga, players take control of a fantasy faction to establish an empire through conquest, exploration, research and diplomacy. This game allows you to level up your hero. It also presents vast options of customizing your empire and hundreds of research opportunities. Plus, you will have a very challenging AI which adds another level of element to the game. Not to mention the gloriously rendered combat that is as entertaining to watch as it is to actually participate in.

This game can be played online and offline. It has great customization features and your kid’s strategy planning skill will be tested as they would need to create an effective plan in expanding their civilization. They would need to gauge if a certain situation calls for battle or diplomacy. As a parent, you must ensure that your kid’s playtime is regulated. They could be potentially exposed to inappropriate content since players can text-chat with one another in this online game.

  1. Legends of Eisenwald

Age: 12+

Published by Aterdux Entertainment, Legends of Eisenwald will take you to the fictitious duchy of Eisenwald in medieval Germany in times of Holy Roman Empire. The main focus of the gameplay centers on the life of the youngest child of Baron Lahnstein who on return to his lands finds that the family castle is impossible to enter. Two separate single scenarios – Cursed Castle and The Masquerade – are separate stories happening in other locations of Eisenwald.

There are two main parts in the game. The first one is the global map interactions which includes completing quests, buying and selling weapons, potions, armor and other equipment and items which includes managing castles and other possessions, and equipping the army. The second part is the battles themselves.

Player chooses a hero then builds his army around that character. He can also take on corrupt land barons, brigands, pirates and outlaws while he’s expanding his own army. The game allows players to either manually play out the combat or let the computer determine the outcome quickly. As you level up your armies, you can have key members specialize in different battle skills.

The graphics, as well as the background music, of this game are done skillfully. Becoming invested in the characters and the world is relatively easy. You can put some investment in your characters, training and equipping them for specific purposes.

You can use this game as a bonding and educational opportunity for your family to talk about medieval times. You can also discuss how important tactical combat is.

  1. Offworld Trading Company

Age: 12+

This game is set in a futuristic era where Earth is dying. Our planet is running out of resources to sustain our way of life. To resolve this problem, humanity must make their way beyond our home planet and start a new life elsewhere. Mars seems to be the perfect place to create a new civilization, with its vast supply of untapped resources.

Your role will be Mars’ latest entrepreneur. You would have to supervise the mining and manufacturing of goods and services for the colonists who want to build a new home. Since everyone is on the lookout to make a profit, you would have to constantly develop the Martian marketplace. Creating deals to increase your money and put out competition are important to move forward in this game.

If you’re thinking that a game without having to fire a shot or raise an army is boring, think again. This game offers fast, frantic-paced experiences where making a right business deal can more damage to your enemies than a battalion of tanks.

Just like with the most RTS games, you build your main base and harvest nearby resources. What sets Offworld Trading Company apart is that you start trading off with nearby colonist communities instead of using your hard-earned goods to build up a military force. You are affecting the marketplace on a global scale by buying, selling and trading with these communities.

  1. StarCraft

Age: 13+

In this RTS game that was released in 1998, players get to choose amongst these three species to command – the Terrans (humans), Protoss, and the insect-like Zerg. Each of these species carries their own unique tactics, weapons, units, technology and their own perspective of the overall story. Employing different strategies for each species based on these variables is absolutely essential.

StarCraft has gained a reputation as one of the most honored and coveted RTS games ever created. Despite being released 20 years ago, this game has remained popular up to this day and has never lost its appeal. Blizzard Entertainment created very accessible and compelling gameplay mechanics and produced exceptional pacing partnered with increasingly challenging yet achievable missions.

If your kids are crazy over video games, then it’s best if you introduce them to strategy games. Click here to find other tips and information about this game genre.

6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

Strategy games are unarguably one of the most difficult games. Puzzle games can make you think but nothing can use up all of your brain cells than the strategy games, especially those that are of difficult levels. Strategy games are not created equal. There are some that would really make you think twice while there are a few that can drain not just your mental capacity but emotional and physical aspect as well .Completing these difficult level would make you wonder if the developers created these just to make your life miserable.

This type of game genre is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can’t play these types of games if you don’t have wit and higher strategy skills. If you think this game genre is hard enough, wait until you play some of the most difficult strategy games on the list below.

  1. Frozen Synapse


Available for: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Frozen Synapse shows that indie strategy games are beyond generic and simple. This is a perfect example of a gameplay that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Regardless if you are skilled or unskilled though, you will certainly find this game quite enjoyable and exciting.

How do you play this turn-based strategy game?

You control a unit of combatants and your goal is to eliminate all of your enemy units. If you think it sounds simple enough, sorry to say but you are mistaken. What’s good about this game is that you have the ability to simulate the actions of your current turn, which allows you to see how it might play out. When you’re satisfied, all turns are simultaneously resolved.

Your enemies have smart AI, making them a difficult opponent. If you’re not challenged enough though, you can also play Frozen Synapse online against other high-skilled players. Frozen Synapse is a title that you should not miss out if you’re a fan of strategy games. It’s a game that will constantly put you on your feet.

  1. Commandos 2


Available in: Mac, Windows, Xbox and PS2

Commandos 2 may be in the market for quite a long time, as it was released way back 2001, however it’s still considered as one of the most difficult strategy games of all time. It is known for having the steepest learning curves of any games of its kind.

In this game, you get to control a squad of commandos. If you want to accomplish a number of objectives, you must rely on tactical positioning and advancement. Many people confuse this game with turn-based game or real-time strategy game. It actually falls under the category of “real-time tactics” game, which is something of a hybrid genre.

It’s recommended that you play the PC version if you want to have the best experience on this game. The gameplay controls of this game are not really very intuitive in the console alternatives.

  1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Available for: Mac, Windows, PS3, Linux, iOS, Android, X360

This first installment in the gigantic series titled UFO: Enemy Unknown debuted way back in 1994.It was a commercial success which led to a number of games have been released under the X-COM franchise up until around 2001. After several years, XCOM: Enemy Unknown revived the XCOM franchise. Fans did not mind the long wait as it was certainly worth it.

In this turn-based tactical game, you have to control a squad of alien-fighting soldiers. Your goal is to defend the Earth from an imminent invasion. You will undergo a series of missions which are interspersed with phases of development, research and expansion.

Critics consider this game as one of the most challenging tactical strategy games of this generation. Click here to check out other video games in the XCOM franchise.

  1. Xenonauts


Available for: Windows

Xenonauts and the aforementioned XCOM series have a bunch of things in common. If you’re wondering why that is so, it’s because Xenonauts got its inspiration from XCOM series, though that doesn’t mean that Xenonauts is a sequel. Despite the similarity of the gameplay and theme, it’s not a remake or a clone.

The game is divided into two distinct components: a tactical element that involves turn-based ground combat and a strategic element that involves real-time air combat. There are playability improvements created, which includes a cover system in combat, starting combat formations, and alternative victory conditions.

Xenonauts received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It has a score of 85% from PC Gamer and a 77% on Metacritic, based on 21 reviews.

  1. Europa Universalis IV

Available for: Mac, Windows, and Linux

The Europa Universalis IV is the most advanced franchise in the Europa Universalis series of strategy games.

You will find a surprising amount of depth in this game, particularly when it comes to the variation of options and actions available during gameplay. It covers a wide time period ranging from the 1400s to the 1800s.

At the start of the game, you would have to explore and scope out the unknown world. You will then move to expand your territory, exploit resources from other worlds and finally exterminate your opponents. Europa Universalis IV is perfect example of a 4X strategy game. Compared to other 4x offerings though, this game has greater lean towards diplomacy and has lesser focus on direct combat.

  1. Sins of a Solar Empire

Available for: windows

This real-time 4X strategy game takes place in the future when civilization lives among the stars. You can advance your own empire by conquering various star systems though diplomacy and military.

What sets Sins of a Solar Empire apart from other games is its massive scope.  The 3D environment, just like true space, is an entire ocean full of celestial bodies with which you can interact. What makes this game extremely difficult is the depth is all of its game systems and technology trees. There are plenty of things that you must do that it will take you more than hours to finish a single game.

Strategy games are not only a fun way to kill time but they are also an effective brain exercise. Click here for tips and information about other strategy games.

Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Civilization

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Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Civilization

Civilization has always been an exciting topic.

Learning the culture, society and way of life of a particular area is indeed a pleasant experience. It’s interesting to know how we have turned from primitive human being to civilized people. Learning is one thing, but how about having the first-hand experience of doing so? Would you believe me If I say you can build your own empire or civilization through a video game?

Yes, you have read it right. If you want to have an immersion in building civilization, play a strategy game called “Civilization”. Created by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley for MicroProse in 1991, the main objective of this game is to “Build an empire to stand the test of time”. Civilization takes you back to 4000 BC and your role as a player is to attempt to expand and develop your empire through the ages from the ancient era until modern and near-future times.

If you aren’t sold of this game, below are some of the reasons that should convince you why playing Civilization for hours is worthy of your time and effort.

  1. It is a Global Learning Experience

This game is a global learning experience in two ways. First, you get to acquire tidbits of information regarding arts, science, culture and history. Second, you get to know different historical characters and unique cultures all over the world. You get to know more the world that you live in without even stepping out of your house.

Let’s admit it; learning could sometimes be a bore. This game adds f-u-n to the learning experience. Voiceovers from renowned personalities such as Morgan Sheppard and Leonard Nimoy are featured in this game.

What’s even admirable about this game is that it’s been used by several academic institutions as their teaching tool in the classroom. This just proves that Civilization has a strong potential capability to educate. While many are contesting on the efficacy of these implementations, the series encourages students to do their own research about different civilization topics. If you’ve never heard of modern production methods, the technology trees featured at the end stage of this game will surely spark your interest on this subject.

  1. Experience Building an Empire without the Stress

I can imagine how hard it must be for politicians to build an empire of community. It must be stressful to keep the community in order given that the residences have different type of personality and behavior. Civilization lets you experience the joy of building your own empire, albeit without the accompanying stress.

There is no doubt that empire-building games are indeed enjoyable and addictive. The lack of fast reflexes though is one of the reasons why some gamers don’t feel the same enthusiasm. In Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, the demand for “clicking and dragging” and being super-fast with your keyboard can be overwhelming. Your empire won’t even make it beyond the pre-historical era if you don’t have this skill.

Civilization is a different story. Since it is turn-based, you won’t need much of your reflexes. You can take as much of your precious time as possible to fiddle, contemplate and research before making a decision. Excellent strategic planning requires more time and deliberation and not how fast you can click and drag.

  1. It Gives You a Taste of Real-World Grim Realities

This might scare off some gamers. After all, we play games to somehow escape from our real world and be transported to a world full of entertainment and adventure.

Yet, you will have far more memorable gaming experience if there is a right balance of fantasy and reality. Civilization got this balance right as the fantasy side of the game is somehow closer to the reality. These realities are presented in the form of diplomacy challenges and unhappiness. As the population grows, cities are suffering from increasing unhappiness. Each stage of the game presents a challenge to maintain the increasing population for economic and defense purposes, while doing everything possible to keep the citizens contented.

You must also handle diplomacy challenges well if you want to win the game. These challenges could be presented in the most unexpected moments. For example, a war can be suddenly declared by a total stranger. Your ally neighbor might turn against you because he was bribed.

These real-world crises could upset some gamers. However, you must understand that human race is very complex. This game does not only open your eyes to these complexities but it also teaches you to be strategic and patient.

  1. It Features an Epic Music

Civilization is famous for its soundtrack. If you’re into classical or ethnic music, your ears would surely experience a “soundgasm”.

You will hear classical masterpieces by Brahms, Mozart and Dvořák in Civilization IV. These masterpieces accompanied the Industrial Age and Renaissance segments of the game. A more ethnic approach was chosen in Civilization V.

Playing this game will take you into an immersion experience in the world of music. Music lovers would feel that they are in a world festival, with different masterpieces serenading your soul

  1. There is a Huge, Active Community of Mods

Some gamers would measure the worth of a game by the number of mods written by fans for it. With Sid Meier’s Civilization, you can find literally hundreds of mods written on different platforms. Many of these are even expertly and elaborately scripted. The list could include additional civilizations, additional leaders, tech-trees, new battle units, wonders and improvements and so on.

Having a huge, active community of mods empowers incredible variety of playing the game. Just imagine, how many ways can you play the games with hundreds of leaders, each with unique personalities, weaknesses and strengths?

And who says you can’t even make your own mods too? As long as you have the necessary skills, you can add your favorite world leader to the list and see how he would fare against other leaders. Every session has endless ways of becoming unpredictable and unique. This alone is more than enough reason for you to start playing this game.

Click here and be updated with what’s going on in the world of strategy games.

4 Best Strategy Games Ever Created

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4 Best Strategy Games Ever Created

Video games are not just time-killers.

Most of us play this kind of games because we want to feel the excitement and adventure. We also want to jump into another world where you get to experience living as someone else. If you want to stretch your mind to its limit, strategy games are your best option.

What are the best strategy games out there? We have compiled a list of the top of the crop on this game genre.

  1. Card Hunter

This browser-based flash game uses a combination of digital collectible card game with a table-top board game. It features Gary as the game master as he guides the players through a tabletop role-playing game, using dungeon modules similar to those of Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, Gary is still on the process of fully learning the ins and outs. At the start of the player’s career, Gary is using the more powerful characters of his older brother Melvin to show the core mechanics of the game. Melvin takes these away at the later stage of the game which would force Gary and the player to start anew.

Though majority of this game is about card play, it’s similar to a board game as well – with blocked vision and terrain that will require you to position your characters well and the success of armor cards and shield are based on visible dice rolls. This results to enhancing your adaptive strategy skill.

It’s fast-paced yet detailed at the same time. You are faced with plenty strategic options and the difficulty rate of this game will require you to start creating different strategies.

  1. DEFCON: Global Thermonuclear War

This real-time strategy game was created by Introversion Software, an independent British game developer. It’s reminiscent of the “big boards” that visually represented thermonuclear war in films such as Fail-Safe, Dr. Strangelove and especially WarGames.

Players of this game are given a 1980s vector graphics computer-themed world map, and a varied arsenal of conventional and nuclear weaponry. What’s the main objective of the game? You have to destroy as many of your enemies as possible while having as much little of your own population being destroyed. A typical game would have millions of civilian casualties while players are trying to annihilate their opponents.

What makes this DEFCON a great strategy game?

This game is not all about launching nukes at your enemies. You will have a bigger kill count than every other game that you have played combined. Though you can’t help but have a big grin at the end of your winning streaks, you will have millions of casualties under your belt. You need to create an efficient strategic plan to reduce the number of these casualties. After all, won’t you feel guilty if you have taken the lives of million souls?

Making strategic decisions on how to manage your fleet is also critical in this game. Should you send all of your fleets to attack a nearest neighborhood? Or should you allocate them all to defend your territory? Decision-making like these will have a huge impact on the outcome of your game. You just can’t afford making a wrong decision or weak strategic planning.

Click here to know more about this magnificent game.

  1. Civilization IV

Want to take control of the world either through war or diplomacy?

This award-winning series strategy computer game will let you do exactly like that. This fourth installment of the Civilization series uses the 4X empire-building model. Your main objective is to create your own civilization using very limited initial resources. In order to finish the game, you have to pursue these 5 default objectives: conquering all other civilizations, gaining control of the majority of the game’s population and land, building and sending the first sleeper ship to the Alpha Centauri star system, increasing the “Culture ratings” of at least three different cities to “legendary” levels, or winning a “World Leader” popularity contest by the United Nations.

What sets Civilization IV apart from other games is that there is no single “right” way of playing it. The graphics of this series has been tremendously improved, with everything now in full 3D. Unique animation is equally impressive, so as the attention to small details. If you are a newcomer, you’d be happy to know that a fully comprehensive tutorial is provided.

In this game, it’s critical that you know how you are going to tackle a particular game from the outset. If you’re taking too much time in deciding whether you will go for a conquest victory or scientific course, you will find it very hard to achieve anything at all during the end-game. Civilization IV showcases the very best that the turn-based strategy genre has to offer.

  1. The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is a 2004 strategic life simulation video game and is a sequel to The Sims. Just like its predecessor, The Sims2 is a simulation to real life where you control the Sims in various of their activities and create relationships with others. Gameplay is open-ended as it does not have a defined final goal.

Just like with real people, Sims have their own fair share of needs and fears as well as life goals. Being able to fulfill these needs will have a positive outcome on your game. All Sims age and has the maximum life expectancy of up to 90 sim days, depending on the degree of how their aspirations are fulfilled.

The Sims 2 is surely addicting. You will most likely develop a relentless obsession with your virtual people, always thinking about their health, relationship, abilities, welfare and even sleep patterns. Sims 2 has now more complex emotions, relationships and needs. Even their appearance looks more lovable too.

No wonder it’s a massive commercial success, with one million copies sold on its first 10 days. It has also received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, having 90% score from aggregators Metacritic and GameRankings.

Don’t let your brain become stagnant. Push your brain to its limits by playing strategy games. Not only you will find massive enjoyment, you would also enhance your analytical and strategic planning skills. Click here to read more about strategy games.

Top 4 Computer Strategy Games That You Just Need to Play

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Top 4 Computer Strategy Games That You Just Need to Play

Do you wish you could play more strategy games? Or do you simply have the dream to become the best strategy player out there. If so, there are 5 games in the strategy category that you simply must play.

1. A galactic adventure with Stellaris

If you are bored with the strategy games that are based on land, then Stellaris is a game you have to play. A different kind of strategy, you battling in the middle of the galaxy, with two game modes: offline and online.

Paradox’s goal was to create a game that is really customizable so that you can plan everything and take matters into your own hands. Besides that the game is a real-time strategy, for the effect of you really being in the moment.

2. The combination of Total war and Warhammer

If you are familiar with strategy games then you must know both Warhammer and Total war games. But what is the thrill of this one?  They combined both of them into one amazing game! They took the best features of both games and made an incredibly playable and fun game.

From giving the emphasis on different factions and giving them all different abilities, to leveling-up and customizing your story as you like; they created a game you simply must try

3. Want to be a king

If you want to build your own civilization and create a strong kingdom, then Crusader Kings is for you. As many strategy games you have two games in the franchise. And don’t you stop and think that this is a usual strategy game.

The developers tried hard to make your gameplay as special as it can get, adding different rulers and conflict, the game really needs you to think on how to be the best king out there.

4. The story of the settlers

The Settlers is a game known to have many releases, making each a unique experience for the player. Similar to Age of Empires, the Settlers is a strategy game where you have to create your own civilization, fight for food and resources and battle for the land around you.

How to Choose the Best Games For Your Liking

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How to Choose the Best Games For Your Liking

Are you a beginner gamer or a pro just looking for a new game? Have you been into horror games and want to try the field of strategy games? Do you just want some ideas on how to choose the next game to play? Here are some ways that can help you pick your next adventure.

Try some sequels

If you played strategy games before and you’re just looking for another one, then checking if any of the games you played and liked have a sequel isn’t such a bad idea. Many strategy-based games have sequels and some of them are much better than the first one.

Usually created to improve the game and correct their mistakes, playing a second or third installment of the game might just be the thing you’re looking for.

The big announcements

It’s always good to be on track with new game releases. Attending a gaming convention or simply checking the announcements on the internet might give you the excitement for the next game.

It is also good to search for new games because while they might not be out yet, they can have some prequels you can play to get the idea what the game is like or simply get a general idea what to play next.

Have you tried online mode

Some gamers are all for single player mode, but a lot of strategy games have an online mode and even if you finished the game you can put your skills to the test in an online battle.

Better yet, you can search for online strategy games and you might find some that you have never played before.

Mobile games

While people love to brag that they are gamers just by playing Saga Crush, mobile games aren’t so bad. The developers are trying really hard to create a good mobile platform for strategy games and believe it or not a lot of them are out there and they are the most playable games of all the categories.