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Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Endless Legend

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Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a promising game for those that are fans of strategy games. It has a healthy amount of complex mechanics which will require you to level up your strategy skills if you want to get ahead in the game. Playing this game can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner.

Today must be your lucky day! We have compiled a list of guides for you to make your first game not just quite bearable but also fun.

Setting Up Your First Game


There are 11 available factions that you can choose from, each with their own unique characteristics including appearance, abilities, units and play-styles. It’s best to choose the default “Wild Walkers” on your first game. These former forest dwellers are the most traditional faction. Ardent Mages or the Vaulters are also newbie friendly.

Difficulty Level

You can either play using the easy or newbie settings. The intelligence level of AI gets lower if you select a difficulty that is below normal. Choosing a newbie difficulty means that AI will more likely not declare war on you. This will allow you to explore the game at your own pace. On easy mode, war will be declared however the attacks will be weak.

World Settings

A normal world size with shape Pangea is highly recommended for newcomers. You should also set your world difficulty to easy so that you won’t be clashing into your neighbors.

Core Concepts of the Game

Now that you have started your journey in this game, understanding the important game mechanics is critical.


Faction controlled cities are used to generate resources, recruit armies and construct buildings. These five different key resources are important in order for your faction to acquire stability and growth.

  • Food – used to increase and sustain the population. More food is required for larger cities.
  • Industry – used to produce buildings and units. If a building construction cost 200 and you’re earning 20 industries per turn, it will take 10 turns to complete the construction.
  • Dust – standard currency in Auriga. You use it to purchase heroes, strategic resource or pay maintenance cost on your armies and cities.
  • Science – used for research. This resource is important in quickly unlocking new weapons, building and advancement to new tiers of technology.
  • Influence – used for empire level actions, where you get additional resource gain or boosted attack on units. It is also used for diplomatic proposals with other factions.

Cities and Workers

Cities are units where you raise your armies. Armies are composed of individual units spawned by the player, each of these unit types have their own uses in combat and abilities. An action points system is used in moving armies. Each of these interactions and movements subtracts one action point until the counter hits zero. Once you’ve reached this point, you can no longer take any further action. Units are used for combat, exploration, questing and diplomacy.

Cities will automatically harvest any tiles in their range. This means that the city gains the income associated with those tiles. Every inhabitant in your city can be assigned as a worker and you can use these workers to boost any of your 5 resources.

Strategic Resources

Strategic resources are used to construct powerful armory and weaponry for your armies. For you to obtain these resources, you have to create a so called “extractors” on resource nodes. You can also build a city on top of your resource nodes which will act as extractor.

There are six types of strategic resources which are divided in three distinct tiers:

  • Tier 1: Glasssteel (yellow) and Titanium (blue)
  • Tier 2: Adamantian (orange) and Palladian (red)
  • Tier 3: Hyperium (purple) and Mithrite (green)

If you want to construct gears of superior quality, you must aim for higher tier resources.

Luxury Resources and Boosters

You should never miss out on the opportunity of acquiring luxury resources as they can provide exponential benefits to your empire.

Just like with strategic resources, luxury resources can also be harvested by city districts and extractors. Gathering enough luxury resources of the same type means that you can use it to spend on booster. Simply click on a luxury resource with a yellow square around it if you want to activate a booster. Boosters will be active for 10 turns.

Win Conditions

There are eight win conditions in the game:

  • Elimination Victory – you should annihilate all factions. Nothing should be left alive.
  • Score victory – you achieve this victory by having the highest number of overall points at the end of the 300th turn in a normal game
  • Expansion Victory – you should claim 80% of the map
  • Economic Victory – you should collect 555,500 Dust in a normal game
  • Diplomatic Victory – you should collect 3000 Diplomatic Points
  • Wonder Victory – be the first player to complete all of the quests and build the associated Wonder
  • Scientific Victory – you must discover five of six technologies in the 6th era
  • Supremacy Victory – conquer all capitals on the map

Additional Tips to Remember

  1. Explore the vicinities with a hero – Take time to search for villages of minor factions and explore ruins. Explore your own area first, and then expand to the neighboring ones. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you don’t have settlers.
  2. Create units only when necessary – Avoid manufacturing units. Your initial set of army is capable enough of handling nearby villages. Manufacturing new set of soldiers will just hold back your production queue.
  3. Up until turn 20, obtain at least 60 Influence Points – Obtaining at least 60 influence points will enable you to pick not just one but two options of empire development. This will certainly put you on the edge of the game.
  4. Don’t focus on villages of minor factions – Their units do not attack mines and your initial army is strong enough to deal with them. Put off pacifying them, especially if they don’t offer any interesting bonuses.

Having an acquired knowledge of the components of this game will certainly prepare you for the long and challenging battle ahead. If you love strategy games like Endless Legend, click here to find out more interesting tips about games of the same genre.

6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

6 of the Most Difficult Strategy Games

Strategy games are unarguably one of the most difficult games. Puzzle games can make you think but nothing can use up all of your brain cells than the strategy games, especially those that are of difficult levels. Strategy games are not created equal. There are some that would really make you think twice while there are a few that can drain not just your mental capacity but emotional and physical aspect as well .Completing these difficult level would make you wonder if the developers created these just to make your life miserable.

This type of game genre is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can’t play these types of games if you don’t have wit and higher strategy skills. If you think this game genre is hard enough, wait until you play some of the most difficult strategy games on the list below.

  1. Frozen Synapse


Available for: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Frozen Synapse shows that indie strategy games are beyond generic and simple. This is a perfect example of a gameplay that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Regardless if you are skilled or unskilled though, you will certainly find this game quite enjoyable and exciting.

How do you play this turn-based strategy game?

You control a unit of combatants and your goal is to eliminate all of your enemy units. If you think it sounds simple enough, sorry to say but you are mistaken. What’s good about this game is that you have the ability to simulate the actions of your current turn, which allows you to see how it might play out. When you’re satisfied, all turns are simultaneously resolved.

Your enemies have smart AI, making them a difficult opponent. If you’re not challenged enough though, you can also play Frozen Synapse online against other high-skilled players. Frozen Synapse is a title that you should not miss out if you’re a fan of strategy games. It’s a game that will constantly put you on your feet.

  1. Commandos 2


Available in: Mac, Windows, Xbox and PS2

Commandos 2 may be in the market for quite a long time, as it was released way back 2001, however it’s still considered as one of the most difficult strategy games of all time. It is known for having the steepest learning curves of any games of its kind.

In this game, you get to control a squad of commandos. If you want to accomplish a number of objectives, you must rely on tactical positioning and advancement. Many people confuse this game with turn-based game or real-time strategy game. It actually falls under the category of “real-time tactics” game, which is something of a hybrid genre.

It’s recommended that you play the PC version if you want to have the best experience on this game. The gameplay controls of this game are not really very intuitive in the console alternatives.

  1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Available for: Mac, Windows, PS3, Linux, iOS, Android, X360

This first installment in the gigantic series titled UFO: Enemy Unknown debuted way back in 1994.It was a commercial success which led to a number of games have been released under the X-COM franchise up until around 2001. After several years, XCOM: Enemy Unknown revived the XCOM franchise. Fans did not mind the long wait as it was certainly worth it.

In this turn-based tactical game, you have to control a squad of alien-fighting soldiers. Your goal is to defend the Earth from an imminent invasion. You will undergo a series of missions which are interspersed with phases of development, research and expansion.

Critics consider this game as one of the most challenging tactical strategy games of this generation. Click here to check out other video games in the XCOM franchise.

  1. Xenonauts


Available for: Windows

Xenonauts and the aforementioned XCOM series have a bunch of things in common. If you’re wondering why that is so, it’s because Xenonauts got its inspiration from XCOM series, though that doesn’t mean that Xenonauts is a sequel. Despite the similarity of the gameplay and theme, it’s not a remake or a clone.

The game is divided into two distinct components: a tactical element that involves turn-based ground combat and a strategic element that involves real-time air combat. There are playability improvements created, which includes a cover system in combat, starting combat formations, and alternative victory conditions.

Xenonauts received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It has a score of 85% from PC Gamer and a 77% on Metacritic, based on 21 reviews.

  1. Europa Universalis IV

Available for: Mac, Windows, and Linux

The Europa Universalis IV is the most advanced franchise in the Europa Universalis series of strategy games.

You will find a surprising amount of depth in this game, particularly when it comes to the variation of options and actions available during gameplay. It covers a wide time period ranging from the 1400s to the 1800s.

At the start of the game, you would have to explore and scope out the unknown world. You will then move to expand your territory, exploit resources from other worlds and finally exterminate your opponents. Europa Universalis IV is perfect example of a 4X strategy game. Compared to other 4x offerings though, this game has greater lean towards diplomacy and has lesser focus on direct combat.

  1. Sins of a Solar Empire

Available for: windows

This real-time 4X strategy game takes place in the future when civilization lives among the stars. You can advance your own empire by conquering various star systems though diplomacy and military.

What sets Sins of a Solar Empire apart from other games is its massive scope.  The 3D environment, just like true space, is an entire ocean full of celestial bodies with which you can interact. What makes this game extremely difficult is the depth is all of its game systems and technology trees. There are plenty of things that you must do that it will take you more than hours to finish a single game.

Strategy games are not only a fun way to kill time but they are also an effective brain exercise. Click here for tips and information about other strategy games.

5 Tips on How to Play the Sims 4

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5 Tips on How to Play the Sims 4

Life simulation video games have recently taken the video gaming world. A lot of people are getting hooked to this game. Why not, having the ability to manage your own restaurant or take care of your virtual farm is indeed addicting and enjoyable.

The Sims has been one of the most played life simulation strategy game since the first installment of this huge franchise was released. I remember a friend who talked nothing but his virtual people every time we hang out. It baffled me how she’s worried that her people may not be well-fed or any desired unfulfilled while she’s having her own real lunch with real people.

If you’re one of the million people who have been hooked to this game, you need to know everything there is to know about this successful franchise. As the latest franchise, The Sims 4, was released on 2014, you need to know the ins and outs of this game.

If you haven’t tried playing The Sims4 yet, below are some of the helpful tips that will come handy.

  1. Taking Care of Your Sim’s Needs

Just like its predecessors, you need to meet the needs of your Sims in this latest installment. You have a total of 6 categories to watch out for. These needs are displayed with a green bar as the game starts. You would only want the color to be green at all times. As more needs are neglected or not fulfilled as the day progresses, the bar will turn to yellow, then orange and red if things get worst. There are some serious consequences when you get a red bar so you must do everything to avoid this from happening.

How do you know that all the needs of your Sims are met?

Click on the smiley face that is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Understanding Their Aspirations

What are aspirations?

These are long-term goals that will help give your Sim something to work toward. It’s also the choice that you will have to make right from the “Create-a-Sim” screen so it’s important that you make a good decision from the start. Here’s the catch though. Just like how you can change your aspirations and goals in the real life, you also have the command to change the dreams and hopes of your Sims mid-game should you feel that something is not right. With just a click on the star in the bottom right corner, you can conveniently change your Sim’s aspirations.

How can aspirations impact the lives of your Sims?

First, it has an impact on their personalities. It also has a weight when it comes to choosing what skills or careers they must have. For example, choosing a knowledge aspiration can expedite the leveling up of your skills whereas fortune aspiration can cause your Sim in earning more money. When you feel that the aspirations are not paying off, you always have the liberty of switching it.

Click here to view the full list of aspirations available.

  1. Understanding Relationships + Social Lives

Socializing is not optional in The Sims 4. It’s the most basic needs of every Sim in this game. Regardless of what type of Sim they are, they feel the need to go out of the house and socialize with others.  As a result, two different types of relationships are formed in socializing.

Basic friendship is the first type of relationship formed. This type of relationship will exist with every Sim that you will meet. Romantic relationship is the second one and this can only happen to a few Sims. Just like with real life, you can be friends with everyone but only a lover to someone, right?

You must ensure that you’re on top of your Sim’s relationship aspect as it plays a huge role in the game. You can gauge your relationship needs as you interact and mingle with others. You can also click on the smiley face in the bottom right to view your Sim’s social needs. Click on the Long Term Relationship window at the top of the screen to have an overview on where you stand socially and what you need to do to be on top of your Sim’s social needs.

  1. Prioritize the Emotional Well-being of your Sims

Just like how emotions have a huge impact on our daily life, so it does in your Sims. Just like the events in our lives can alter how we feel, your Sim’s emotions are also proportionate to the events in their daily lives.

For example, if you let your Sims take a long, steamy shower, they will come out of the bathroom feeling flirty. A brisk shower, on the other hand, will leave them refreshed and energized. Get to know your Sims better and do as much things as you can to put them in a positive emotional state.

  1. Learning + Developing Skills

Just like with its predecessors, skills are an important factor in The Sims 4. There is a variation when it comes to handling learning skills though. For example, Sims that are older or on their teenage years don’t have any skills at the start but they can quickly acquire those in their daily routines. They may initially cook inedible food; however they can quickly learn how to cook mouth-watering dishes by studying the food that they eat.

This is where the different levels of skills come into play. Let’s take cooking for example. Your Sim may learn to acquire a skill in cooking, but this skill needs to be developed until they reach level 10 or master. What’s good about it is that batch of new options are made available as they level up. Say your Sim has reached level 5 in cooking skill, gourmet cooking skill is unlocked. This new skill is instrumental until your Sim reaches the highest level.

Don’t be fooled. The Sims 4 may look easy, but it’s a complex game that needs more time and practice to master.

Click here to read more tips and information about strategy games.

What is Strategy Game?

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What is Strategy Game?

Strategic planning is a crucial element in our everyday life.

We need to have a strategy in everything that we do, even in the simplest activity of riding a subway train. You would need to think of a better method to get on the train fast and get a comfortable spot. Strategic planning is also very important in your professional aspect. You won’t be able to create and present that report if you don’t know how to strategize in the first place.

Now that it’s been established that you can’t get much success in life if you don’t have strategic skills, do you know that you can practice this skill by playing video games? Yes, you heard it right. There are games that have been created to help you create or plan strategies and improve your analytical skills. Read on to know more about strategy video game.

What Are Strategy Video Games?

Strategy video games are a genre of video game that helps you achieve victory by emphasizing on planning and skillful thinking.

One of the most popular goals in this game is to reduce the forces of enemy. To achieve this goal, the player must create a plan of action against one or more opponents. If you want to become victorious, it’s a must that you should have exceptional planning skill. There’s not much of an element of chance or luck in this game, so you have to make sure that every action you make is carefully planned.

In most strategy video games, the player is given a godlike view of the game world and has indirect control game units under their supervision. The element of warfare to varying degree is very common in most strategy games. The game also features a combination of strategic and tactical considerations. Aside from combat, strategy video games challenge your ability to explore or manage an economy.

Though most of the action games require strategic thinking, they are seldom classified as strategy games. The main emphasis on strategy games is your ability to outthink your opponent. They are typically larger in scope and do not involve much physical challenge.

Although they involve tactical, strategic and sometimes logistical challenges, they are far from puzzle games. Puzzle games call for planning in isolation while strategy games call for planning around a conflict between players.

Click here to view all the list of strategy video games.


If you want to trace back where turn-based strategy games started, we have to go as far back as the times of ancient civilizations found in places such as Greece, Rome, the Levant, Egypt and India.

One of the earliest games in this genre is Mancala, a game originated in Samaria approximately 5000 years ago. One form challenges two opposing players to clear their side of a board of mancala pieces while adding them into their opponent’s side and thereby preventing the opponent from clearing their side.

Chess is another game that has stood the test of time. Many believed that chess originated in India around the sixth century CE. It’s a game of tactics and skill which forces the players to think two or three moves ahead of their opponent just to keep up.

Learn more information and tips about other strategy games here.

Top 3 Highly Expected Computer Strategy Games in 2018

Top 3 Highly Expected Computer Strategy Games in 2018

They are saying that 2018 is going to be an amazing year for games. There are three games that stand out the most for me in 2018. One has already come out in the beginning of the year, while two are still anticipated and we hope that we get the release dates very soon. Are you a strategy game enthusiast? Then you must know these three games.

Legendary Age of Empires

This is a very important year for Age of Empires. 20 years after they launched their first game and reaped a big success, they released the Definitive Edition of the game. By the looks of the trailer, the graphics has improved a lot, along with more choices of game play.

There isn’t a gamer out there that hasn’t at least heard of Age of Empires and they were all on their feet when they announced that the game will absolutely be built for Windows 10; something that the players were struggling with when their nostalgia kicked in.

The Valkyria story continues

Eastern Front is the 5th installment in the Valkyria game series. First the game will be released only in Japan and Xbox players will have to wait a bit for their version of the game.

Unknown to some gamers, especially if you don’t play strategy games, but well known in the strategy game community, the newest Valkyria game is an action strategy game based in Europe, during the Second World War. You have to build your forces and create a good strategy to win this one!

Anno is holding everyone on their feet

The first Anno game release happened in 1998 and this city building game has kept its fans happy for 20 years now. Announcing the game last year has kept the players waiting for the release date. While giving a sneak peak with a trailer, they said that the game will be out in the last months of this year; promising better graphics, more game play and building options.