Step-by-Step Guides on How to Play Burger Tycoon

Do you want to experience being a business tycoon?

While you may find it quite challenging to rule the business world, it’s not as hard as it is in the virtual world. If you want to have a feel on how to manage a burger establishment and make it even more successful, why not try playing Burger Tycoon.

This single-player online video game will not only fulfill your dream of being a successful businessman, it will also challenge your strategic and business skills. This game is not as easy as it sounds. It requires careful strategic planning as not being able to do so will have many pitfalls waiting. For instance, your cows will face their demise if you run out of soy. Using illegal substances to make your soy grow faster will result to being sued. Every single decision you made should be carefully thought of if you don’t want to face numerous contingencies.

How can you get far in Burger Tycoon? Below is your step-by-step guide on how to play and rule this game.

  1. Setting Up Your Farms and Restaurant

Starting this game in a correct pathway is very important. If you already have a game started and has not played it for long, it may be too late to save it and become profitable. Start with a clean plate instead and start a new game.

As soon as your game starts, pause it. Failing to do so will cause you to go bankrupt. Then build three soy fields on empty pastures. Select “soy” from the agriculture window and click on the empty pastures three times. Click another empty space and select the “Cow” option. Repeat until you have four. Click the Feedlot button found in the lower-left corner and click the scientific machine along the back wall and select the eyedropper option to enable hormones for the food.

Click the icon burger found in the lower-left corner to switch to the restaurant screen. Hire a single cashier and line worker. Once you have your cashier and line worker, switch to the corporate screen by clicking the McDonald’s logo. Corrupt a health officer so that you don’t get penalized for your poor meat quality. This option should remain enabled for the rest of your game.

Burger Tycoon is a free online game. You can click here to start your own game.

  1. Making Money

Now that you have finished setting up everything, it’s time to start making money. Switch to the pasture view and unpause the game. Wait for two complete soy harvests and click the DNA button on the soy fields to remove the genetic modification from the field. Sell your soy to earn your money back.

Wait until your second cow harvest. After your second cow harvest, you are now ready to have your restaurant full staffed. Add two more assembly workers and two more cashiers. Activate the food pyramid and the third-world marketing options by clicking the marketing department in the corporate screen.

Your restaurant and your farm are now on its full production mode.

  1. Maintaining Your Business

Make sure that you regularly check your cow pasture fertility. Your beef production on that square will stop if the pasture fertility degrades. How would you know when the fertility has degraded? The large blanks spots on the ground will be the indication. Sell off a cow pasture that is no longer fertile. Doing so will make the pasture blank and you can buy a new one again.

You would need to destroy the rainforest squares so that you will have more space on your farmland. Before doing so, make sure that you corrupt a climatologist from the corporate screen. Destroy two rainforest squares and allocate this space for your new cow pastures. With the two new squares and the two original squares that weren’t being used, build your cow pastures again.  Switch back and forth between the two sets of four open squares to build your pastures on and swap these pastures when they degrade.

An unhappy worker can greatly affect the productivity of your restaurant. As soon as you see that they become unhappy, give them rewards immediately. Giving them badges usually do the trick however it only works for a little while. Remember that discipline rarely works, so avoid giving unnecessary punishments to your workers.

You should know when to cut your losses though. If rewards can’t seem to put them in a good mood, just fire that crew member and hire a new one. Before doing so, make sure that you corrupt a politician first from the front desk of the corporate screen. This will prevent backlash from angry employees.

Additional Tips

  • Once you have at least $50,000, you can bribe the mayor so that he will give you access to four additional land spaces that you can use in adding more soy fields and pasture. Just remember that you don’t have to build all of them at once.
  • Never sell back a piece of land that you have outfitted. Doing so would only give you 50% of the money that you spent in acquiring it. Plus, you would need to pay the full price should you want to have the land back.
  • If you want to draw customers back, set up advertisements. As soon as you have accumulated $75,000, you can already set up an advertisement. Remember that you can only have one advertisement at a time because multiple ads can drain all of your resources quickly.
  • Always keep an eye on your profits. If you have noticed that they are starting to drop, evaluate what you may be doing wrong. Analyze every aspect of your business to point out where the problem is. There could be several factors that contribute to the decline of your profit – you could be using too many illegal substances in your soy, your employees could be misbehaving, or you may need to invest more in soy fields and cows. Remember that there may be times that you need to corrupt all four officials – climatologist, politician, health office and nutritionist.

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Best Strategy Games for your Kids

Gone are the days where kids spend most of their time playing outside. It may sound depressing, but lots of kids would rather stay indoors and play video games for hours. A lot of them may have not even heard traditional games such as cat’s cradle, marble and skipping rope.

Shall we blame technology for this?

I highly doubt it. Technology has paved ways to a better and more convenient life. Whilst our society is evolving along with the progress of technology, it’s also important that our parenting techniques should also be in line with these changes. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t force your kids to play physical game outside.

Instead of being angry at technology, you can use it to your advantage. Your kids can develop their problem-solving and strategic skills by playing video games. Strategic video games, particularly, can be your aid in harnessing your kid’s mental prowess.

Below are the best strategy video games for kids.

  1. Endless Legend: Shadows

Age: 10+

This 4X turn-based strategy game was developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in September 2014.

In this game which is set in the land of Auriga, players take control of a fantasy faction to establish an empire through conquest, exploration, research and diplomacy. This game allows you to level up your hero. It also presents vast options of customizing your empire and hundreds of research opportunities. Plus, you will have a very challenging AI which adds another level of element to the game. Not to mention the gloriously rendered combat that is as entertaining to watch as it is to actually participate in.

This game can be played online and offline. It has great customization features and your kid’s strategy planning skill will be tested as they would need to create an effective plan in expanding their civilization. They would need to gauge if a certain situation calls for battle or diplomacy. As a parent, you must ensure that your kid’s playtime is regulated. They could be potentially exposed to inappropriate content since players can text-chat with one another in this online game.

  1. Legends of Eisenwald

Age: 12+

Published by Aterdux Entertainment, Legends of Eisenwald will take you to the fictitious duchy of Eisenwald in medieval Germany in times of Holy Roman Empire. The main focus of the gameplay centers on the life of the youngest child of Baron Lahnstein who on return to his lands finds that the family castle is impossible to enter. Two separate single scenarios – Cursed Castle and The Masquerade – are separate stories happening in other locations of Eisenwald.

There are two main parts in the game. The first one is the global map interactions which includes completing quests, buying and selling weapons, potions, armor and other equipment and items which includes managing castles and other possessions, and equipping the army. The second part is the battles themselves.

Player chooses a hero then builds his army around that character. He can also take on corrupt land barons, brigands, pirates and outlaws while he’s expanding his own army. The game allows players to either manually play out the combat or let the computer determine the outcome quickly. As you level up your armies, you can have key members specialize in different battle skills.

The graphics, as well as the background music, of this game are done skillfully. Becoming invested in the characters and the world is relatively easy. You can put some investment in your characters, training and equipping them for specific purposes.

You can use this game as a bonding and educational opportunity for your family to talk about medieval times. You can also discuss how important tactical combat is.

  1. Offworld Trading Company

Age: 12+

This game is set in a futuristic era where Earth is dying. Our planet is running out of resources to sustain our way of life. To resolve this problem, humanity must make their way beyond our home planet and start a new life elsewhere. Mars seems to be the perfect place to create a new civilization, with its vast supply of untapped resources.

Your role will be Mars’ latest entrepreneur. You would have to supervise the mining and manufacturing of goods and services for the colonists who want to build a new home. Since everyone is on the lookout to make a profit, you would have to constantly develop the Martian marketplace. Creating deals to increase your money and put out competition are important to move forward in this game.

If you’re thinking that a game without having to fire a shot or raise an army is boring, think again. This game offers fast, frantic-paced experiences where making a right business deal can more damage to your enemies than a battalion of tanks.

Just like with the most RTS games, you build your main base and harvest nearby resources. What sets Offworld Trading Company apart is that you start trading off with nearby colonist communities instead of using your hard-earned goods to build up a military force. You are affecting the marketplace on a global scale by buying, selling and trading with these communities.

  1. StarCraft

Age: 13+

In this RTS game that was released in 1998, players get to choose amongst these three species to command – the Terrans (humans), Protoss, and the insect-like Zerg. Each of these species carries their own unique tactics, weapons, units, technology and their own perspective of the overall story. Employing different strategies for each species based on these variables is absolutely essential.

StarCraft has gained a reputation as one of the most honored and coveted RTS games ever created. Despite being released 20 years ago, this game has remained popular up to this day and has never lost its appeal. Blizzard Entertainment created very accessible and compelling gameplay mechanics and produced exceptional pacing partnered with increasingly challenging yet achievable missions.

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5 of the Best Real-Time Strategy Games on PC

If you want a game where you have full control of your army, then real-time strategy (RTS) game is perfect for you. In this game, you get to fill in a Commander’s shoes in finding and managing your resources and building your empire. Teammate is also promoted in this game; you can create alliances with other playmates and think of strategies on how to defeat your opponents.

If you’re looking for the best real-time strategy games on PC, we have made your lives easier. You can find on the list below which RTS is best for you.

  1. Command & Conquer


This RTS video game franchise that was first developed by Westwood Studios is perfect for beginners. This PC game series has both a single player and multiplayer mode which are pretty much highly addicting. You get to build new structures, collect resources or train new units to fight one another.

The gameplay is pretty much simple. You are required to construct your base and acquire resources. These acquired resources are used for funding of any ongoing productions of various types of forces. You need to have strong forces if you want to rule in assaulting and conquering the base of your opponents.

The Command & Conquer series have been a commercial success with over 30 million Command & Conquer games sold as of 2009.It’s also one of the highest ratings for a RTS PC game in existence. The series has acquired  six world records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008.These records include “Biggest Selling RTS Series”, “Most Number of Platforms for an RTS”, and “Longest Running Actor in Video Game Role” for Joe Kucan, who has played the part of Kane, the villainous mastermind of the series, for 15 years. Click here for the best Command & Conquer game.

  1. Age of Empires III

Since the franchise of Age of Empires series started, it holds the title of being an RTS game that gives players the most choices for factions. A player has 14 different empires to choose from in Age of Empires III.

If you have a thing for geography and history, then you will find Age of Empires III quite interesting and enjoyable. Unlike other RTS games, this one features real life countries with actual historical military units like samurais. The game begins where you have to start off with a civilization that has to go through the dark ages. You need to research for technologies and then eventually opening up trade routes. From there, you’ll build up a massive army to take over parts of Europe and Asia.

If you want a recipe of realism on your game, Age of Empires is the perfect dish. For every advancement to another age, a bonus system called “Politician System” is used. When you choose to advance to the next age, you will be presented with two or more “Politicians” accompanied with different bonus when you select them.

Age of Empires III won PC Gamer US’s “Best Real-Time Strategy Game 2005” award. The game was named fifth-best game of 2005 by GameSpy. An ‘honorable mention’ in the ‘Best Music’ category was also given to the game.

  1. Supreme Commander


Supreme Commander is one of the best games in scale and zoom. Not only does it have an immersive gameplay aspect, it also has a full 180-degree aerial view. If you want to have a closer view or zoom out the entire map, you can just conveniently zoom in or zoom out. Others may find the game too unit heavy and intensive though.

Designed by Chris Taylor and developed by his company, Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander is considered to be a spiritual successor to Taylor’s 1997 game Total Annihilation, alongside the Spring remake. The game focuses on using a giant bipedal mech called an Armored Command Unit (or ACU) to build a base. You would then need to reach higher technology tiers by upgrading your units. The primary goal is to conquer opponents. You can command one of these three factions: the Cybran Nation, the Aeon Illuminate or the United Earth Federation.

The game has received high praise from many reviewers and players worldwide.

  1. Company of Heroes

World War II has always had a soft spot in our hearts. Most of us are big fans of war movies because it reminds us how strong our brotherhood and love for nation is.

Company of Heroes is a 2006 RTS video game that is set during World War II. Your goal in this game is to capture strategic resource sectors located around the map. You use these resources to produce new units, build base structures and defeat your opponents.

This game has received positive acclamation and won multiple awards for the best strategy game of the year. Because Company of Heroes was a great success, a sequel Company of Heroes 2 was released in 2013.As of January 2013, the whole Company of Heroes series has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide film adaptation starring Tom Sizemore was even produced.

  1. Star Craft II


StarCraft II is arguably one of the most popular RTS game ever created. It is a sequel to the 1998 hit game StarCraft.

This military science fiction RTS video game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It has its worldwide release in July 2010 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game revolves around three species: the Zerg, a super-species of assimilated life forms; the Terrans, human exiles from Earth; and he Protoss, a technologically advanced species with vast mental powers.

The plot of the game is set four years after the events of 1998’s StarCraft: Brood War. It features the adventure of Jim Raynor as he leads an insurgent group against the autocratic Terrain Dominion. The game includes both new and returning characters and locations from the original game.

Starcraft will always keep you on the edge of your seat, as it needs more time-sensitive strategically made decisions with the constant feeling of urgency. This is an excellent choice for you if you’re up for a challenge and adrenaline-pumping game.

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Plague Inc: Tips on How to Become a Better Player

Can a deadly plague really wipe the Earth?

While this has not happened in real life, Plague Inc. gives you an opportunity in creating and evolving pathogens to annihilate the world. This real-time strategy simulation game developed by Ndemic Creations will certainly get you hooked with its complex yet fun gameplay.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it lets you indirectly control a plague that has infected patient zer. There are different pathogens and various game modes that you can choose from. The objectives of this game include, but are not limited to: using a pathogen to infect and wipe off the Earth’s population, use the “Necroa Virus” to convert the entire world into zombies or enslave the entire population with the “Neurax Worm”.

Plague Inc is not an easy game. Aside from its complex gameplay, the factor of time pressure to complete the game will certainly put you on the edge of your seat while playing this game. Below are some tips on how to become a better Plague player.

  1. Spread the Pathogens to Everyone Quickly

There are three ways for you to lose at this game. First, if your plague is cured by the world’s renowned scientists before it managed to kill everyone. Second, your plague gets killed and burned itself out quickly in countries it infected. And lastly, your plague failed to spread on other countries resulting in condition one or two.

How do you avoid these three pitfalls?

Prioritize your transmission upgrades in the early game. If you want to increase the infectiousness of your plague, you would really need to spend all your early DNA points. After all, the component of this game is quiet simple – you need to infect everyone if you’re going to kill everyone. Think of a strategy where you can infect the majority of people and nations before any serious effort starts to cure your plague.

  1. Hold Out for the Holdouts

Limited accessibility and specific climates are some factors that make a nation hard to infect. Greenland and Madagascar, for example, are the worst offenders because of their very cold and very hot climates respectively. You will be having a hard time infecting Morocco too since it has road access only.  If your plague gets too scary too fast, the Moroccans will just close their borders, kill all of their pigeons and livestock and wait out for the disease to subside. Try to infect these holdout countries before you can start the real annihilation.

Since most islands have contact with other countries through boat only, it’s important that you should get at least level one of the water transmission upgrade early on in every game.

  1. Keep an Eye on New Releases

One of the most recurring events in this game is the London Olympics. As long as your disease has at least level one drug resistance, has not manifested as too severe and has spread to at least two countries, you can use the Olympics to infect your plague all over England.

If you want to get ahead of this game, it’s critical that you plan your disease upgrades accordingly. Are there more rain lately caused by global weather patterns? Is there a major bird migration coming up? Have doctors made a new progression in the cure, making your plague less effective? You should always take these factors into account when planning your strategy.

Pay attention to new releases. Are there any symptoms that doctors have acquired a new understanding of? The global cure gains a few percentage points automatically if you use DNA to grab that symptom. Keep your eyes open on these new updates if you are in a close race to beat the global cure effort.

  1. Virus and Bio-Weapon Tips

Your disease has a mind of its own; it mutates the symptoms well before you’d like them to appear. Plague has a way of gaining its deadliness steadily even without symptoms in Bio-Weapon. With this being said, you find yourself always racing the clock when playing as a virus or Bio-Weapon.

Control the over eagerness of your microbes by using the special upgrades in the Ability section. You can use try to use their natural tendency to mutate deadly symptoms to your benefit. Let the plague mutations do some of the killing for you. Then, use your later DNA toward infecting those last holdout countries.

  1. Parasite and Prion tips

Parasites and prion progress well under the radar. Parasites, more specifically, can silently infect the whole world before the effort of finding a cure begins. Both can give you serious challenges especially in the late-game though.

Compared to other plagues, parasites gain very little DNA in the later portions of the game. It can put you on a critical situation, especially if you don’t have any DNA left. To avoid this from happening, don’t spend too much of your early DNA on upper level Transmission upgrades. Let the infection spread at a slower rate. You can spread more havoc with your stockpiled DNA.

If there’s a disease that is so subtle, it would be prions. Your plague can develop without being detected. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to develop. Use techniques to stall as much as you can. Use the Prion’s special ability, as well as The Walking Dead symptom combo, to confuse the brains of all those scientists you infected months before they can figure out what’s going on.

  1. Be Creative with the Disease Name

You can be as creative and spontaneous as you can be when creating the name for your disease. You may get it on top of your entire friend’s leaderboards so your disease name should stand out. Obamacare, Beiberfever, Laughing Herpes, Duck Mouth and Dream Ears are just a few examples of disease names that don’t just stand out but will tickle your sense of humor.

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Tips on How to Rule Clash of Clans

If you don’t know Clash of Clans, then you might be from Mars. Since it was released last 2012, it dominated the world of avid gamers. And why not? This popular “freemium” strategy game is indeed addicting.

You find yourself spending more and more time building your townhall, upgrading your armies and looting resources from other base.  Nothing beats the satisfaction when you hear gold and resources looted by your goblins and armies. You’d say that you will only spend an hour playing Clash of Clans but before you notice, it’s already dawn and you have lost lots amount of sleep because of the game.

The reward of seeing your town expand and your troops stronger is definitely worth all the lost sleep and time that you spend on your phone playing this game. If you’ve decided to join the bandwagon and try your hands on this addicting game, below are some tips that you should learn by heart.

  1. Understand the Mechanics of the Game

The gameplay itself is pretty simple. First thing that you need to do is to create your base. Then you add things to your base such as army camps, barracks, walls, gold mines, cannons, mortars and other various buildings. You need workers to build these buildings.

Build strong defenses by upgrading your buildings and your armies. Having stronger troops will make looting so much easier. Other players will be having a hard time attacking your base if you have stronger walls and higher level of defenses. How do you make your base and army stronger? Loot, loot and loot some more.

  1. Take Advantage of the War

Defeat other players so that you can gain resources that you can use in upgrades. You need these resources if you want to upgrade your townhall, troops, walls, etc. Aside from gaining resources, you will also gain trophies and experiences. This will determine which league you will be in.

One of the best features of this game is Clan War. You join a clan, either made up of friends or co-workers or of total strangers sharing the same passion. Clan mates can donate troops and other resources. If you need more archers to attack, just simply ask and your clan mates will gladly extend a hand.

You can also rage war against other clans. Whoever wins the war will get the resources. Learn some strategies that you can use in clan wars here.

  1. Know Your Resource

These are the resources that you need to upgrade and progress in the game:

  • Gold: Used primarily for upgrading your important buildings such as you town hall. It also costs you gold when searching for other players to raid for resources.
  • Gems: Highly valuable (costs real money to buy) and can be used to speed up waiting times on buildings and units, buy you more builders, and boost resources.
  • Elixir: Main resource for training and upgrading your troops spells.
  • Dark Elixir: Used to train and upgrade DE troops that are unlocked later in the game.

Use these resources to build a stronger base and troops. Be warned that upgrading takes time so make sure that you strategize carefully. You don’t want to go to war without a king or queen just because you’re still on the process of upgrading them.

  1. Save Up Your Gems

Newbies, listen up! Never ever waste up your gems. Not only they are expensive to buy but they are also hard to accumulate. You can find these gems when you’re cleaning off terrains. Save them up as they accumulate.

It’s easy to spend them in expediting your upgrade or boost your production, but don’t get tempted. If you really want to play this game without spending a dollar, use your gems wisely.

  1. You Need to Pack Tons of Patience

In Clash of Clans, patience is definitely a virtue.

Why is that so? It takes lots of patience to look for other bases that you can raid.  Upgrading can also take several days, especially if it’s the town hall that you’re upgrading. Not having patience can get you crazy waiting for 10 days while you’re upgrading. You won’t be able to use a troop that is being upgraded so it’s best if you strategize which other troop can you use as a replacement.

First thing that you need to achieve is getting more builders. Aim in getting all 5.This way, building and upgrading will not take that much time.

  1. Set Up a Solid Base

There are many ways that you can set up your own base. If you want a stronger base though, you can check out some of the strongest base in YouTube. This will somehow give you an idea on how to set up your base that enemies will find hard to attack.

Upgrade your town hall so that other resources and upgrades will be unlocked. Higher level of troops and amenities are only available on specific town hall level. Make sure that you make upgrading your town hall level a priority.

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Raiding

Raiding other bases is important to advance in this game. It is through raiding that you will find the resources that you can spend on upgrading your troops and amenities.

Finding a good base to raid may sometimes take time. Either the resources available to loot are too low or the bases to attack are too strong.

If you feel that you’ve already spend 30 minutes looking for a base to raid and still can’t find a good one, try lowering your trophies and league.

Joining an active clan war is also another way of earning resources. Here, effective war strategy is needed. You would need to plan which account will attack the opponent account. You can’t just someone from your clan that has a town hall level 4 to attack an opponent with a town hall 10.If you want to win the war, you must think of better war strategy.

Reinforcing each clan member with stronger troops before the start of the war is also very important. Though winning or losing the war will get you a war bonus, you should always aim to win. Why settle for smaller war bonus when you can get more?

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